Meet Mike
Mike Ware is a technically minded guy with an enthusiasm for computers and technology. His love of moving parts started as a young child where he enjoyed tinkering and taking things apart. The constant desire to learn and understand how things work has continued on into adulthood. Mike can often be found reading articles, looking at the inside of some mechanism, or talking about the latest technology with passion and excitement.
Web development is not a new interest for Mike. He built his first website as a 12 year old, when the internet was in its childhood and connection required a telephone line. Later on, he learned enough from some web design books to build a professional site for a friend’s video editing business. Years later, after the internet graduated into a more interactive “Web 2.0”, Mike spent time learning the latest web development tools and methods, and built a number of websites as a freelancer doing work for a web design company in Webster, NY.
Mike is the lucky husband of his fantastic wife, Bekah, and father of three great kids. Making all the pieces of life’s puzzle fit together can be complicated, but Mike is up for the challenge.  Mike likes to get outside and spend vacation time up in the Adirondacks, in and around Lake Champlain with his family. Mike is also a music lover and enjoys playing guitar and piano.
Stats and Details
Name: Michael Stephen Ware
Age: 31
Height: 5’10”
Favorite beverage: Freshly roasted Church and State Coffee
Favorite dessert: Brownie Sundaes
Likes: Dating my wife, playing with my kids, new music, and the quiet of an early morning after a full night’s sleep
Dislikes: When my fingernails are jagged or uneven
Hobbies: Collecting and playing guitars, woodworking, hiking, biking, sailing