Ware Marketing and Design began as a naptime activity and quickly evolved to something more. Bekah desired to fill the 2 hour nap window she was presented with everyday, so she set out to find something. With the guidance of a friend she began doing some freelance work, blogging and social media marketing. She loved every part of it, from the ability to tell a business’s story through writing to coming up with marketing campaigns and then running with it. In this collision of time and talents Ware Marketing and Design was birthed.

In addition to blogging and social media, a website is a critical part of any business’s online presence. Bekah’s husband Mike has enjoyed coding and website development since he was a teenager, when he ran a website for a friend’s small video production business. As an adult he developed this skill set further, learning the latest tools and trends and building websites on the side. Together with Bekah’s online marketing skills, Ware Marketing and Design now had a compelling package of services to offer.

Living in a small town with three young children Bekah and Mike have a passion to see local industry grow. They share a desire to invest their time and talents in small businesses around them that could benefit from a modern webpage and strategic online marketing. With this desire in mind, Bekah began reaching out to local businesses. 

Ware Marketing and Design now seeks to help any small business be more successful and thrive. We promise the personal availability and attention to detail of a small business with big business results!